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About Consolidated Technology Industrial Division

CT Specialist Industrial division can supply all your electrical heating requirements from the biggest elements to the very smallest. From those creating the lowest temperature, to those generating the highest. The products that we supply are used in everything from making tea, to providing electricity for the national grid.

Our products are used in a diverse range of industries, including aircraft manufacture, car building, the rail industry, chemical industry, food industry as well as everyday products you will find in your home.

Furthermore all of our suppliers utilise only the best raw materials available and all conform to industry standards relative to the manufactured product.

Logistics and Coverage

CT Specialist Industrial Division has an exceptional network of resources, thus making our products and services available on a national and international level.

Our skilled and experienced engineers and advisors are located throughout the UK and Europe and are always available to offer advice on your requirements.

We ensure that we utilise the latest technology to transfer specifications and information rapidly to all parties involved in a particular product, making sure that each project runs smoothly and effectively from conception to completion.

We also ensure that as heating technology develops, that we are at the head of the field to supply, support and advise on the latest products available.


All products supplied by CT Industrial conform to industry standards relevant to the particular product and its intended use. These include amongst others; BSI, ISO, CE.

It is always a concious decision that these standards are reviewed when developing specification for a project. All engineers and specifiers are also qualified and registered with relevant accreditations for their particular industry.


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Our range of products

Bolt Heaters

Cartridge Heaters

Cast Ceramic Heaters

Cast Heaters (Alu/Bronze)

Ceramic Knuckle Heaters

Duct Heaters

Electrical Trace Heaters

Flow Heaters

Immersion Heaters Industrial (Flange)

Immersion Heaters Standard (2 1/4 BSP)

Infra Red Heaters

Metal Melting

MICA Insulated Heaters


Square Coil Heaters (SQ5 & SQ7)

Straight Length Elements

Vat Heaters/Metal Sheet Vat Heaters

Withdrawable Core Immersion Heaters