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We can supply a variety of Duct heaters and elements.

Rectangular type

Our rectangular Duct Heaters have a removable terminal box and element assembly for installation into new ductwork.

Circular type

Circular Duct Heaters have a removable terminal box and element assembly for installation into branch ductwork.

Stab in type

Stab in Duct Heaters for mounting into existing ductwork.

Heater Casing

All casings are constructed in Galvanised Mild Steel with flanged connections as standard. A standardised range of 9 duct sizes from 305 x 254mm (12" x 10") up to 686 x 508mm (27" x 20") and all casings have a standard depth of 356mm (14") with a terminal box mounted on top. All duct heaters are deisgned in such a way that the heating elements can be readily connected singly or in groups of 3 (for 3-phase supply). For independent stage loadings, the installation leaflet provided with each heater refers to various connection methods.

Heater Elements

Incoloy 800 sheathed heating elements are mounted on a detachable terminal plate. The elements are arranged as double hairpin loops with full allowance for thermal expansion. For servicing and inspection purposes, the complete element bank can be withdrawn without the necessity to remove the casing or to break the duct connections. A recycling thermal safety cut-out is fitted as standard for protection against overheating and this should be wired into the coil circuit of a contactor.