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All elements we supply consist of a nickel/chromium resistance spiral insulated by compacted magnesium oxide powder from a metal outer sheath. This sheath may be of steel, copper, nickel or other material depending on the application.

The robust construction of our Standard and Special elements, together with the ability to form them into the most complex shapes with a minimum of tools, makes them the ideal choice for applications up to 800°C.

Whether your requirement is for a simple 1000 watt heater or sophisticated plant running into Megawatts, our elements can provide the answer.


• Our elements are efficient, robust and long lasting.

• Our elements can be used as sources of conducted, convected or radiant (infra-red) heat and direct immersion.

• A range of Incoloy 800 elements is available ex-stock in lengths from 760mm (30") to 3098mm (120") and loadings from 500 to 3000 watts.

• A wide range of terminations is available, these include 2BA screw, 4BA screw, pillar and tailwire.

• Elements can be manufactured in lengths, loadings, diameters and sheath material to suit almost any material.

• The forming of elements can be achieved with a minimum of tools. Standard straight lengths are supplied fully annealed to facilitate forming.

• Elements can be gilled in order to increase the heat dissipation, this is particularly useful in the case of air and gas heating.

• All elements may be brazed to supports or flanges, welding is also possible with some sheath materials.