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Vat Heaters

Many industrial processes today depend on the use of heated solutions contained in open vats or vessels. In these conditions our extensive range of over-the-side vat heaters are ideal. A full understanding of the requirements of users is reflected in the design and manufacture of these heaters. The entire range has integral earthing and a spacious, robust terminal box for easy wiring. They are available in a variety of different sheath materials for different chemicals. We have an extensive range of standard vat heaters with a choice of 5 different sheath materials.

• Mild Steel • Lead • Stainless Steel EN 58J (Type 316) • Titanium • P.T.F.E

In each sheath material (excluding PTFE) five different combinations of length and loadings are offered as standard. Due to the vast range of solutions used in industry today it is impossible to give any meaningful guide as to the suitability of the various sheaths. The composition as well as the working temperature of the solution are of great importance and it is recommended that you consult us for advice if you are in any doubt. In some cases sheaths can only be proved by trial.


Metal Sheath Vat Heaters  


It is essential that the solution level covers the heated portion of the element at all times otherwise element overheating will occur. The use of LOW LIQUID LEVEL CUT-OUT is advised, particularly where tanks are made of, or lined with plastic.

Before removing heaters from a tank, they should be switched off and electrically isolated and remain immersed for a suitable period to ensure no undue temperature rise that may contribute to permanent failure.

Metal sheathed and Teflon coated heaters must be effectively earthed and be installed in accordance to current IEE wiring regulations for electrical installations.

To provide enhanced operator protection, it is recommended that a suitable residual current device with rated tripping current of 30mA or less be incorporated in the supply to the heater.

Further guidance on the installation and use of immersion heaters is available in the BNCE 'Safety Guidelines for Industrial Electric Immersion Heaters'.