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Consolidated Technology supply Electrical Products to the Distributor while our CT Industrial division provides Electrical Heating System Solutions throughout the UK and overseas.

CT Brewery Services

Since the early 1970’s when the CT Brewery Services team assisted a national public house brand in the development of their “Inn Brewing” micro breweries we have been at the forefront of supplying electrical heating to the brewing industry.


Bolt heaters are used to expand the stud bolts around the main steam and condenser chests in a turbine set, in order that the nuts may be slackened or tightened to the high degree of control necessary.

In detail design, the heaters are of extremely robust construction. Tubular sheathed elements are sintered in a stainless steel outer tube of accurate outside diameter to fit into standard bores machined in the full length of the stud bolts. Heater tube diameters range in seven steps from 0.625″ to 1.438″ with lengths from 12″ to 60″ and loadings from 500W to 10kW.

Spare heater blades (sintered assemblies) can be readily screwed into the boxes when replacement becomes necessary. Two standard sizes of terminal box are used to cover the range, these having maximum current ratings of 30amps to 100amps.

To meet the safety regulations appropriate to the handling of heater tools of this type, the electrical connection to the terminal box is made via the approved Harvey-Hubble inlet and plug. This system, which incorporates a return pilot lead in the supply cable, provides safety against inadvertent breaking of the supply connection whilst the heater is still energised, an essential requirement where high currents are involved.

Normally, a number of heaters are fed from specially designed 415v/110v supply transformer trolleys fitted with outlet sockets backed up by fuses, earth fault relay, contactor control circuit and voltage indication.


For localised heating in Dies, Moulds, Platens, Process and Packaging Machinery.

Made in Hi-Watt or Low-Watt densities. Constructed in Incoloy, Stainless Steel or Bronze casings. Made in metric or imperial sizes. Round or square section.

Robust construction clad in Mild Steel or Stainless Steel.

Resistor embedded in Solid Cast Ceramic Insulation for higher temperatures and wattages.

Longer life in extreme conditions, can be made in many shapes.

Plates, Bands, Heater/Coolers, Finned Heater/Air Cooling, Air Cowls, High Output Blowers, Extruded and Fin-Max Heaters, Non-Ferrous Castings.

Extremely reliable elements combined with great mechanical strength.

Excellent thermal conductivity with evenness of heating and cooling over barrel.

Cooler units fitted with fins and/or coolant pipes.

Accurately machined to ensure a perfect fit on the barrel.

The Ceramic Knuckle Heater consists of a helically wound resistance spiral precisely stretched and strung through specifically designed refractory ceramic bricks. The build up of the ceramic brick provides a flexible heating mat, which when placed into a rolled outer metal casing together with 4mm of ceramic fibre insulation, provides an efficient high temperature, high watt density band heater.

Clad in Stainless Steel or plated Mild Steel.

Flexible design for ease of fitting.

Fully insulated affording up to 30% energy savings.


We can supply a variety of Duct heaters and elements.

Rectangular type

Our rectangular Duct Heaters have a removable terminal box and element assembly for installation into new ductwork.

Circular type

Circular Duct Heaters have a removable terminal box and element assembly for installation into branch ductwork.

Stab in type

Stab in Duct Heaters for mounting into existing ductwork.

Heater Casing

All casings are constructed in Galvanised Mild Steel with flanged connections as standard. A standardised range of 9 duct sizes from 305 x 254mm (12″ x 10″) up to 686 x 508mm (27″ x 20″) and all casings have a standard depth of 356mm (14″) with a terminal box mounted on top. All duct heaters are deisgned in such a way that the heating elements can be readily connected singly or in groups of 3 (for 3-phase supply). For independent stage loadings, the installation leaflet provided with each heater refers to various connection methods.

Heater Elements

Incoloy 800 sheathed heating elements are mounted on a detachable terminal plate. The elements are arranged as double hairpin loops with full allowance for thermal expansion. For servicing and inspection purposes, the complete element bank can be withdrawn without the necessity to remove the casing or to break the duct connections. A recycling thermal safety cut-out is fitted as standard for protection against overheating and this should be wired into the coil circuit of a contactor.


When working conditions do not permit heaters within a process vessel, the liquor may be heated by an external flow heater and returned to the main vessel by pump circulation.

Flow heaters are suitable for heating water or other thermal fluids for jacketed process vessels. Flow heaters may be positioned in a safe area and used to heat a process vessel in a hazardous area.

Flow heaters can provide water at the required temperature and flow rates, without the need for storage tanks and associated health hazards. (Legionnaires’ Disease).

Water Bolt-On Immersion Heaters with Fitted Thermostat

Electrical Supply

All the heaters are suitable for a 380/440V 3 phase supply. Heaters are rated at 415V.

Operating Conditions

Temperature 120°C

Pressure 5.2 Bar Max

Fixing Studs


Fixing Centres

8 equally spaced on 146mm PCD


Consolidated Technology Limited have a comprehensive range of heaters suitable for many Commercial or Industrial tanks or cylinders. Some typical applications are listed below. The adjustable setting stem type thermostat is supplied with all immersion heaters.

Typical Applications:

Brewing Beer

Water heating for large capacity tanks or rapid recovery in standard tanks:-

Hotels and Caravan Parks

Water tanks feeding factory washrooms

Sports team baths

Heating processing water for the catering industry and canteens

Heating water used to wash vegetables in wholesale packing warehouses

Heating water for washing off processes in factories

CT Industrial UK – Electrical Heating Systems – Immersion Heaters

The emphasis for all the immersion heaters we supply is versatility. We stock a wide variety of components to fulfil the most demanding of applications.

Screw in Immersions

These are readily available in 1¼”, 1½”, 2″ and 2¼” in brass and 2¼” BSP in Stainless Steel. Elements are incoloy. Wattages, voltages and immersed length to suit the application.

Flanged Heaters

These immersion heaters are designed specifically for a particular application. Standard Stainless Steel or Mild Steel flanges are used with suitable elements and fittings.

Withdrawable Core Heaters

The elements of this type of heater can be withdrawn for periodic inspection and maintenance without draining the system. These heaters are available as either screw-in or flange-mounting types.


Essentially these heaters are screw-in or flanged heaters contained in a vessel that can be used to heat a variety of solutions, both liquids and gas.


We are able to manufacture special immersions using screw in plugs, flanges and elements of a variety of materials, sizes and shapes.

We can also supply a variety of accessories, including, thermostats and heating controllers.


Consolidated Technology Limited have a comprehensive range of heaters suitable for many Commercial or Industrial tanks or cylinders. Some typical applications are listed below. The adjustable setting stem type thermostat is supplied with all immersion heaters.

Typical Applications:

Infra Red Projector units are a clean, modern and efficient method of effective process heating. They have been developed from practical experience in industrial applications. The benefits of this experience are available to small and large users alike through our standard range.

We can help you specify infra red projectors based on standard specification or, if necessary, specially designed units.

Standard Projectors

The range of Standard Infra Red Projectors that we supply offer great flexibility in plant design. They can be mounted end to end and stacked. They are designed to be operated at element temperatures of up to 750°C where a life expectancy of more than 10,000 hours is anticipated in normal atmosphere.


• A great time saver – can reduce hours of processing time to minutes.

• Save on installation costs – projectors are easily installed and can be mobile if required.

• Save fuel by effective use of electrical energy.

• Save maintenance costs through robust design and construction.

• Projectors warm up quickly, the plant is operational in minutes.

• Controls are simple and ensure consistent performance.

• No harmful by-products from fuel combustion.

• Improve working environment.

The electric melting of solf metals is usually carried out in specifically designed pots or baths which are heated either externally, by conduction or fitted with an over the side immersion heater

Consolidated Technology sells both types of heater, but there are five reasons why the immersion heater is the more efficient method:

1. The element comes into direct contact with the metal:hence 100% heat transfer

2. The element is inside the pot and does not interfere with lagging; hence smaller heat losses

3. The heater is easily installed and can be fitted singly or built up into banks for larger installations – saves time and money

4. The heater is easily accessible for maintenance: avoids inconvenience

5. Elements can be replaced should they fail in the severe corrosive environment and the metal plates can be reused or simply replaced: saves money.


For Packaging, Injection Moulding, Extrusion, Blow Moulding, Printing, Catering, etc.

Sealed MICA Insulated Nozzle Heaters to prevent plastic contamination.

MICA Insulated Heaters with protective covers can save up to 30% power consumption.

MICA Insulated Plate Heaters for Die Head Heating.

Many other types can be made to your specification.


In addition to the numerous ‘off the shelf’ products available, we frequently design and develop ‘bespoke’ heating products to a customers specification. To date we have helped produce items for the Rail Industry, Catering Industry, Power Stations, even the Brewing Industry.

Our expertise and vast experience enables us to maintain a service that will ensure your product is the ‘right’ product for its intended use.

We can effectively manage all aspects of a project from conception to completion, utilising our extensive resource of specifiers, designers and technicians. All of this is supported with the latest design facilities and strict quality guidelines.


Applications include; Heated Nozzles, Hot Runners, Heated Rollers, Heat Sealing, Platen Heating, Immersion Heating.

High wattage construction of up to 160 W/s.inch.

Square section ensures improved heat transfer over conventional round section.

Completely sealed against ingress of moisture or molten plastic.

To discuss your requirements further or to obtain further information.


All elements we supply consist of a nickel/chromium resistance spiral insulated by compacted magnesium oxide powder from a metal outer sheath. This sheath may be of steel, copper, nickel or other material depending on the application.

The robust construction of our Standard and Special elements, together with the ability to form them into the most complex shapes with a minimum of tools, makes them the ideal choice for applications up to 800°C.

Whether your requirement is for a simple 1000 watt heater or sophisticated plant running into Megawatts, our elements can provide the answer.


• Our elements are efficient, robust and long lasting.

• Our elements can be used as sources of conducted, convected or radiant (infra-red) heat and direct immersion.

• A range of Incoloy 800 elements is available ex-stock in lengths from 760mm (30″) to 3098mm (120″) and loadings from 500 to 3000 watts.

• A wide range of terminations is available, these include 2BA screw, 4BA screw, pillar and tailwire.

• Elements can be manufactured in lengths, loadings, diameters and sheath material to suit almost any material.

• The forming of elements can be achieved with a minimum of tools. Standard straight lengths are supplied fully annealed to facilitate forming.

• Elements can be gilled in order to increase the heat dissipation, this is particularly useful in the case of air and gas heating.

• All elements may be brazed to supports or flanges, welding is also possible with some sheath materials.

Vat Heaters

Many industrial processes today depend on the use of heated solutions contained in open vats or vessels. In these conditions our extensive range of over-the-side vat heaters are ideal. A full understanding of the requirements of users is reflected in the design and manufacture of these heaters. The entire range has integral earthing and a spacious, robust terminal box for easy wiring. They are available in a variety of different sheath materials for different chemicals. We have an extensive range of standard vat heaters with a choice of 5 different sheath materials.

• Mild Steel • Lead • Stainless Steel EN 58J (Type 316) • Titanium • P.T.F.E

In each sheath material (excluding PTFE) five different combinations of length and loadings are offered as standard. Due to the vast range of solutions used in industry today it is impossible to give any meaningful guide as to the suitability of the various sheaths. The composition as well as the working temperature of the solution are of great importance and it is recommended that you consult us for advice if you are in any doubt. In some cases sheaths can only be proved by trial.


Metal Sheath Vat Heaters  


It is essential that the solution level covers the heated portion of the element at all times otherwise element overheating will occur. The use of LOW LIQUID LEVEL CUT-OUT is advised, particularly where tanks are made of, or lined with plastic.

Before removing heaters from a tank, they should be switched off and electrically isolated and remain immersed for a suitable period to ensure no undue temperature rise that may contribute to permanent failure.

Metal sheathed and Teflon coated heaters must be effectively earthed and be installed in accordance to current IEE wiring regulations for electrical installations.

To provide enhanced operator protection, it is recommended that a suitable residual current device with rated tripping current of 30mA or less be incorporated in the supply to the heater.

Further guidance on the installation and use of immersion heaters is available in the BNCE ‘Safety Guidelines for Industrial Electric Immersion Heaters’.

Low watts density removable core Immersion heaters for use in chemical, bitumen and large storage tanks.

Unheated section to customer specification. Element removable from sheath, can be replaced without draining tank. Suitable for use in tanks containing environmentally damaging materials. Most applications the flange material and tubes will be 316 stainless steel. Other materials are available.

Designed to be connected to most standard voltages – single and three phase.

Types available:

• Multi tube rectangular flange

• Single tube screw plug

• Single tube flange

• Triple tube flange


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